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Evening QR code digital receipt
  • Why are receipts dangerous to health?
    Numerous studies on the composition of receipts have shown that most of these contain chemicals such as BPA and BPS, both of which are harmful to people given their effects on the endocrine system. Furthermore, given the recent pandemic due to COVID-19, the passing of paper receipts from hand to hand can lead to risky contacts.
  • How much do the receipts pollute?
    Studies in several countries have testified to the extreme environmental impact of the extensive receipt production. Condensing these studies and crossing different sources, we calculated that over 250 billion receipts are produced annually in Europe and that this production involves, every year: - The felling of 4.5 million trees, equal to about 5 thousand football fields - The use of more than 35 billion liters of water, which would be used by 1.6 million people in the same period - The emission of over 600 thousand tons of CO2, equal to that emitted by almost 300 thousand machines in the same period We think it's absurd that today this is still possible and we want to remedy it!
  • Why is Evening's receipt privacy friendly?
    Usually, digital receipt require consumers to give out emails or phone numbers. Such a process, on top of creating long queues at cash register and an awful experience for the final client, requires consumers to give personal informations to store's personnel. As it is, many clients can't help but wonder whether their personal data is treated in a safe manner. Instead, through Evening's solution, consumers are only required to scan a QR-code, a super fast process that does not involve any sort of personal information, making it completely save and privacy friendly.
  • Is Evening really green?
    Absolutely yes! Thanks to our technology, the impact on the environment is reduced by over 90% (unlike the use of e-mail receipts, which risk having an even greater impact)!
  • How do I install Evening?
    Evening can be installed just as easily as the printer was installed. However, do not worry! Inside the box you will receive there will be all the tools and step-by-step instructions for installation in a few minutes!
  • Does Evening work with all speakers?
    For the time being, Evening will work with tills with an external printer connected via cable, but we will soon be adapting the solution to other types of tills too!Tell us what kind of cashier you have in store and we'll keep you updated on when Evening is available
  • How can the customer obtain the receipt?
    The customer just needs to scan the QR code at the cash desk with their smartphone to get a digital, ecological and safe version of the receipt
  • How can Evening help me improve store profitability?
    Evening allows you to save on paper costs, which for a supermarket can account for as much as £15k/year. Moreover, thanks to the review boosting and analytics services, Evening simplifies and incentivizes activities that can lead to revenue growth. Finally, Evening' services can bring store management simplification, making store owners/managers save significant time on their daily tasks by automating activities such as data tracking and reporting.
  • What does the QR code receipt contain?
    Exactly the receipt that would be printed on paper, but in a digital and 100% ecological version!
  • Can the QR code containing the receipt be scanned by all smartphones?
    Yes!Each smartphone has a QR code scanner built into its camera. All customers will therefore be able to take advantage of the benefits of Evening!
  • What if the customer doesn't have a smartphone?
    No problem, if the customer wants a paper copy of the receipt at any cost, the Evening technology will allow you to start an emergency print so that we can provide it.
  • How do I order Evening?
    Create a profile directly on this site by clicking the button at the top right to follow the online procedure. Otherwise contact us using the form at the end of this page and we will contact you to provide assistance and guide you through the procedure!
  • How much does Evening cost?
    Evening pricing is structured to cost less than the paper bill of most stores. In addition, with the addition of the premium features we are going to release, the cost of Evening will be more than repaid by all the benefits that every merchant will be able to obtain! Contact us to find out more!
  • How do I get the receipt if the shopkeeper doesn't print it?
    To get the receipt, simply scan the QR code at the cash register with your smartphone in order to have a digital, ecological, safe and impossible to lose version!
  • Can the QR code be scanned by any smartphone?
    Yes!Each smartphone has a QR code scanner built into its camera. Everyone can enjoy the benefits of Evening!
  • Does Evening require an app?
    To scan a QR-code in one of the shops using Evening's digital receipt, customers only need the smartphone. No app is required! While at the moment we do not offer a mobile app, we will develop one in the future to provide additional services to our customers.
  • Once scanned, what can I do with the receipt? "
    Once you have acquired the receipt in digital format on your smartphone, you can always save it on your smartphone or share it with your contacts.
  • How do I save the receipt?
    Once you have opened the receipt on your browser (internet), just select the download option offered by the smartphone itself, which will redirect you to the possible destinations / folders in which to store it
  • How do I share the receipt?
    Once you have opened the receipt on your browser (internet), just select the sharing option offered by the smartphone itself, which will redirect you to the other apps through which to share it (e.g., email, sms, etc.) < / p>
  • What if I need the hard copy?
    The Evening technology allows, if necessary for the customer, to print the paper receipt through an "emergency" procedure, activated by the shopkeeper when necessary
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